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SharpBayes Project Download Page

SharpBayes for Windows 10 is available at Windows Store. Please follow this link.

SharpBayes for Linux is available

Distributions currently supported are Debian Stretch, Ubuntu, Arch and Manjaro Linux.


SharpBayes ver.1.0 for Debian Stretch


SharpBayes ver.1.0 for Ubuntu


SharpBayes ver.1.0 for Manjaro

Installation Instructions

(Please follow updated instructions inside the README file included in the package)

To install SharpBayes for Linux:

1. Untar the downloaded file to any folder.

2. (Optional) Import SharpBayes' author public key "05227AE9F080FAAD":

$ gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 05227AE9F080FAAD

3. (Optional) Trust the imported key:

$ gpg --edit-key andresilvestremd@gmail.com

At the gpg> prompt, type trust, then type 5 for ultimate trust, then y to confirm, then type quit and enter.

4. (Optional) Check that the package has a valid signature and was not tampered.

$ gpg --verify sharpbayes-0.7.6-ubuntu-xenial-amd64.sig sharpbayes-0.7.6-ubuntu-xenial-amd64.deb

The result should be:

gpg: Signature made sat dec 24 2016 01:29:47 BRST

gpg: using RSA key 05227AE9F080FAAD

gpg: Good signature from "Andre Meyer Silvestre " [ultimate]

5. Install it:

$ sudo dpkg -i sharpbayes-0.7.6-ubuntu-xenial-amd64.deb

6. Run SharpBayes from Ubuntu Dash:

Type the "super" key and then type SharpBayes. Click SharpBayes icon to run it. Note that SharpBayes will not run from terminal.

If you ever need to uninstall (from terminal type):

$ sudo dpkg -r sharpbayes

Support this project!

I hope that you enjoyed this app. As you can imagine it has taken me many hundred hours of work to put this all together.

This app is the outcome of many years of research (since my master degree dissertation back in 2003, "Probabilistic reasoning applied to the diagnosis of heart failure").

It has been developed from scratch. No external libraries have been used.

SharpBayes is made available free of charge.

If you feel that this application is useful to you, please consider donating.

Your donation is purely optional. Rest assured that this program and subsequent updates will always be free (with your help).

Please support the continuity of this project.

Your donation, however small, would greatly help me deliver a better product as well as a better service.

Thank you for your support!